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Stage Wrappers

pdpipe implementes pipeline stage wrappers that can change how pipeline stages behave.

The only example at the moment is FitOnly, a wrapper that applies a stage to input data only when the stage is being fitted.

The FitOnly wrapper

>>> import pandas as pd; import pdpipe as pdp;
>>> df = pd.DataFrame([[8,'a'],[5,'b']], [1,2], ['num', 'char'])
>>> stage = pdp.FitOnly(pdp.ColDrop('num'))
>>> stage(df)
1    a
2    b
>>> df2 = pd.DataFrame([[8,'a'],[5,'b']], [1,2], ['num', 'char'])
>>> stage(df2)
   num char
1    8    a
2    5    b

Last update: 2022-01-19